Services and Rates

Get help with organizing, downsizing or decluttering your home and improve your lifestyle.

How it works

Step 1 – Initial Phone Call and Assessment

Up to 30 minutes – Free

During the Initial Phone call, we will chat about your situation and decide what type of assessment is needed. Assessments can be virtual by sending photographs of the area, or via an online platform such as Zoom, Facetime, or a similar video calling app, or they can be in person.

Sometimes clients need a little more time to feel comfortable and need to chat a little longer, which is understandable. The first 30 minutes of an assessment is free, and then If more time is needed $40 will be charged in increments of 30 minutes, which will count as a credit to any booked project over 12 hours.

Step 2 – Decide to book

Organizing and Move Management

Sessions are booked by half-day or full-day, with one organizer or multiple depending on the size of your project, and the first session must be a minimum of four hours.

Virtual sessions are available and can be 1 hour, 1 1/2 hours, or 2 hours in length.

Lifestyle Management

There are client situations where a full organizing session is not suitable, but the client would still benefit from help from a professional organizer. Our Lifestyle Management service can help keep your home functioning as it should. We can even work at getting your home decluttered at your own pace. We will look ahead to the next 8 weeks and figure out a schedule that meets your needs.

Tasks can include:

  • Organizing
  • Light cleaning
  • Home care tasks
  • Companion visits
  • Errand runs such as prescription pick-up, post-office runs, and donation drop-offs


“Christy did such an amazing job working with a senior I know that had received as a gift last year-mich more was organized than if I tried to organize with her myself. And so grateful for this work once she passed away this year, the labels and organization of special mementos was a huge help”



“I have been in my apartment building for over 40 years. It was getting very crowded.  I asked Christy for help. She came and helped me to go through things. She took a number of boxes of books and other items with her to the Salvation Army and in the weeks following I got rid of things in the way she suggested. I still have lots to get rid of. A little at a time so I don’t feel lost with everything gone at once. Christy was an Angel. There are about 400 Angels still left in the collection of well over 800 and I had over 200 photo albums and now have only have 8 left. A few at a time. Neighbors have taken boxes of clothes and dishes to to different places. Christy will give you a plan that is good for you. Thank You Christy.”


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