Straighten My Doormat

This is our introductory concierge package and we recommend everyone to start here before choosing one of our other packages. It’s a great way to try the service and get to know us without longer term commitment. It can also help you decipher which tasks you need help with the most.

• Four hours concierge service – regular menu.
• Three hours concierge service – regular menu.
• Two assurance drop in visits
• Three hours concierge service – regular menu.
• One assurance drop in visit and four assurance phone calls.

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Concierge packages

Ease My Calendar

If you just want a lifeline to get those nagging tasks done, then this is the service for you. Get them done in a day or spread them out over a month.

• 4 hours concierge service – regular or premium menu.

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Wipe My Checklist

Our most popular package so far! For an extra set of hands two hours a week or four hours every other week (or however you choose to divide it) Keep that todo list in tiptop shape.

• 8 hours concierge service -regular or premium menu.

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Calm my Chaos

Much like our most popular package, this is the one is for you if an extra set of hands weekly is what you need to stay on track.

•12 hours concierge service – premium menu.

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Especially for Seniors

For people who don’t want to bother friends or family members for some extra help, or for family members wanting to do a little more for a loved one who is perhaps living alone. We can arrange regular check-ins, offer support and a listening ear.

  • Assurance phone calls
  • Assurance drop in visits
  • Cleaning / sanitization

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Organizing and Move Management

Clear My Closet

The service that started it all. Get organized and declutter in your own way and at your own pace. Except with help from a professional!

• 1/2 day organizing service – 3 hour or 4 hour sessions.

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The Big Sweep

When you’ve had enough and that stuff needs to be sorted through and either find a home, on your shelf or someone else’s.

• Full day organizing service – 7 hour (min), with one or more organizing professionals.

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Manage My Move

It’s time to downsize, or relocate to a new home. The process can be overwhelming especially if you’ve lived in the same home for a while. We can help with the details and get you moved as smoothly as possible.

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Don’t know which service to is right for you?

Book a free 30 minute consultation.

* we offer a free initial consultation for new clients to discuss their needs. If we find that our packages are not the right fit for you, we are happy to recommend other services in the community that you may want to check out!


“I have been in my apartment building for over 40 years.  It was getting very crowded.   I asked Christy for help.   She came and helped me to go through things .  She took a number of boxes of books and other items with her to the Salvation Army and In the weeks following I got rid of things in the way she suggested.  I still have lots to get rid of.   A little at a time so I don’t feel lost with everything gone at once.  Christy was an Angel.  There are about 400 Angels still left in the collection of well over 800 and I had over 200 photo albums and now have only have 8 left.  A few at a time.   Neighbors have taken boxes of clothes and dishes to to different places.   Christy will give you a plan that is good for you.  Thank You Christy.”


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