Services and Rates

We offer quality Organizing services with competitive rates!

Whole Home Organizing Services

  • Kitchens and dining areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Closets
  • Bedrooms
  • Home Offices
  • Living areas and recreation rooms
  • Basements
  • Garages

Decluttering / Clutter Relief

  • Sorting
  • Organizing
  • Donations
  • Estate Clearing

Downsizing / Relocating Support

  • Packing
  • Unpacking
  • Sorting
  • Measuring
  • Phone calling / arranging services

Home Staging Prep

We work alongside your Real Estate Agent to get your home looking it’s best.

How it works

Step 1 – Phone Call – Up to 30 minutes free

We will chat about your situation and decide what type of assessment is most suitable for you.

Step 2 – Assessment

Virtual assessments can be up to 30 minutes and are free. You many send photos, or we can chat online through Zoom, Facetime, or a similar video calling application.

A whole house organize, re-organize or declutter, or if you have an upcoming move, or a downsize may require a closer look to determine the best approach. We can arrange an in-person assessment where we come to your home to develop a plan of action. In-person assessments usually take between one and two hours. The fee is $100 which will be credited towards the project upon booking.

Step 3 – Book

Professional Organizing Services

Organizing services can be booked in half-day or full-day sessions, with one organizer or multiple, depending on the size of your project.

Virtual Organizing Services

Yes, organizing sessions can be done remotely! Using Zoom, Facetime or other video conferencing applications we can give you advice and support to help you reach you goals. Contact us to discuss an plan that is right for you.

Lifestyle Management Services

For clients looking for longer term organizational help and help with ongoing light home maintenance tasks, a ‘concierge’ approach may be more suitable. Contact us to discuss a plan that is right for you.


“Christy did such an amazing job working with a senior I know that had received as a gift last year-much more was organized than if I tried to organize with her myself. And so grateful for this work once she passed away this year, the labels and organization of special mementos was a huge help”



“I have been in my apartment building for over 40 years. It was getting very crowded.  I asked Christy for help. She came and helped me to go through things. She took a number of boxes of books and other items with her to the Salvation Army and in the weeks following I got rid of things in the way she suggested. I still have lots to get rid of. A little at a time so I don’t feel lost with everything gone at once. Christy was an Angel. There are about 400 Angels still left in the collection of well over 800 and I had over 200 photo albums and now have only have 8 left. A few at a time. Neighbors have taken boxes of clothes and dishes to to different places. Christy will give you a plan that is good for you. Thank You Christy.”


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