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  • Decluttering the word declutter.

    We have too much stuff!  No matter how old your are, or young you are, chances are you have too much stuff.  It’s not new news.  Because of it, we are now seeing a trend towards buzzwords like ‘decluttering’ and ‘minimalism’ as people try to manage the amount of stuff they own and stores that […]

  • Downsizing? Now What.

    Ok so, you’ve decided you are moving to a smaller home you need to get rid of stuff.  Now What?  The reality for many of is that giving away things we have lived with for years we find fairly difficult whether, we actually like an object or not.  We develop emotional attachment to items as […]

  • I don’t have clutter, I just need to get rid of stuff!

    Reflection: Embarking on a Journey in the world of Organizing.  Put up your hand if you have heard the term Professional Organizer. Put up your hand if you think you know what a Professional Organizer does. Put up your hand if you actually know what a Professional Organizer does. If my mom was still on […]

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Samantha and Olivia are both writers and activists.

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