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  • Decluttering the word declutter.
    We have too much stuff!  No matter how old your are, or young you are, chances are you have too much stuff.  It’s not new news.  Because of it, we are now seeing a trend towards buzzwords like ‘decluttering’ and ‘minimalism’ as people try to manage the amount of stuff they own and stores that […]


“I have been in my apartment building for over 40 years. It was getting very crowded.  I asked Christy for help. She came and helped me to go through things. She took a number of boxes of books and other items with her to the Salvation Army and in the weeks following I got rid of things in the way she suggested. I still have lots to get rid of. A little at a time so I don’t feel lost with everything gone at once. Christy was an Angel. There are about 400 Angels still left in the collection of well over 800 and I had over 200 photo albums and now have only have 8 left. A few at a time. Neighbors have taken boxes of clothes and dishes to to different places. Christy will give you a plan that is good for you. Thank You Christy.”


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