About me

My name is Christy Cummings, I’m a trained professional organizer, founder and chief consultant at Clear My Closet.

The seed for this company was planted many years ago after spending my youth and young adulthood in the arts as a musician, passionate about the environment, learning the art of furniture re-upholstery, loving the process of creating and, and then finding myself working in the corporate retail world, not knowing how to organize my desk. What I felt should be simple tasks such as filing an insurance document was so foreign to me and took way too much effort. Does car insurance get filed under ‘A’ for automobile or ‘I’ for insurance? I honestly didn’t know, and that exact question caused me so much anxiety it was either learning how to organize or quitting and I’m not a quitter.

I obsessively studied how my co-workers organized their workspaces and paired that obsession with becoming a self proclaimed HGTV junkie with a passion for beautiful spaces. I then started creating, functional systems and structured environments at home, my cottage and the houses of my friends and family.

In spring 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic, I decided it was time to take my obsession and passion for order, organization, functional, beautiful spaces and helping people a step further, and launched Clear My Closet.

In my own family, I’m the ‘peanut butter and jelly’ part of our sandwich. As my children have grown and need me less I am finding the more senior members of my family are needing me more, and often it’s about something to do with their living spaces. The lifetime accumulation of items in their homes is overwhelming and the stress over what is going to happen to it when the time comes is very real.

I have experienced moving homes a few of times in my adult life and have blended a family with my partner and his children. I have supported loved ones with dementia, mental health challenges, and neurological differences and have worked as a trained behaviour therapist in the autism community. I also have experience running a cleaning company and am very sensitive to the emotional attachment we have to our homes and belongings.

Not much makes me happier than seeing, a client relax after the clutter is gone and their space is beautiful and functional once again. It’s like an enormous weight has been lifted off their shoulders.

Life is about living now. You deserve it!

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