About us

Christy Cummings, owner

Christy has worn a number of hats throughout her adult working life, and truly loves working with people, gaining new experiences and getting stuff done.

She is a trained Professional Organizer and member of POC, and brings a background in behavioural sciences having worked as a therapist in the autism community. She has managed a professional cleaning company, has experience in corporate retail and still runs her own private music studio.

Christy brings to her clients the highest level of professionalism that comes from her 25 year career as a business owner, building relationships with clients, offering personalized service and a commitment to excellence.

With a busy blended household, growing children and aging family members she knows first hand what it’s like to move and downsize beloved possessions, and she also knows what it’s like to support loved ones with dementia, mental health challenges and neurological differences. She also knows from personal experience, that sometimes an extra set of hands to get things done just makes all the difference!

Christy holds a Bachelors of Music from Mount Allison University, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Autism and Behavioural Sciences from Mohawk College, and is also a graduate of George Brown College, Furniture Production and Design. She loves working with senior clients, clients living with ADHD tendencies and teaching life skills to people on the autism spectrum as well as people who are just simply too busy and want help getting stuff done.

When she is not engaging in lifestyle management with her clients, you can find her teaching piano lessons, singing in or directing a choir, working in her vegetable garden or up to her ears in one of her many textile crafts.

Her management and organization style is, logical and efficient, and she connects with her clients in a manner which they find empathetic, reliable, efficient and resourceful.

Company Values


Regardless of age, background, health or mobility, everyone should feel comfortable and safe in their home, and always have control over their own possessions, decisions and schedule. We equip our clients with an organized and manageable lifestyle ensuring accessibility to valued belongings and promoting a respectful quality of life.


Our aim is to keep clients safely in their homes for as long as they want to be, with personalized systems that support independent living. If the client requires relocation to a smaller residence, we empathetically assist with reducing the amount of belongings for the client, ensuring the most valued items are respected and placed appropriately. We keep things from going to landfill by encouraging donation, selling, repurposing, and recycling.

Supporting our community.

Clear My Closet works in partnership with other local businesses to bring the highest possible level of service to their clients.

Through donations, some of the charities we support are:

Salvation Army, Good Shepherd, Habitat for Humanity, Parkview Church (Hamilton), Islington United Church (Etobicoke), Daily Bread Foodbank, Youth Without Shelter.

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